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Trying to send email address from one page to another to complete the sign up


I’m trying to create a sign up flow in two stages

On page 1, I ask the user to type in their email. I then created a button that (I think) navigates to page 2, but also sends the email address

On page 2, I am asking for name, last name and password.
When the user hits a “next” button which I created, I want the workflow to sign the user up using the password and the email from the first page, but the error I get is “Please include an email”

What I noticed is that the URL is[email protected]?Email=

What am I doing wrong?

Looks like the Email parameter is empty

Shouldn’t your url be the other way around? [email protected]

Nice catch! :rofl: I missed the email before it’s key

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Well you weren’t wrong haha. Just needed the key in front. :wink:

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Got it! Thank you!

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