Sign Up Process Only Works When Debugging

Hi everyone! This is my first app with Bubble, but I have been learning a lot through external resources, documentation and this forum, too, has been a godsend! However, I wanted to ask for help with an issue I am not being able to address nor look it up anywhere myself.

My users are able to sign up and sign in while in the debug mode, but not on the live site despite it being the same (the site is already deployed).

One thing I have done is that I have restricted who can sign up by creating a data type Admitted Waitlist and a School emails List of texts field in it which contains the emails that are allowed to sign up. To facilitate this, I have created a “only when” condition in the workflow:

Search for Admitted Waitlist:first item’s School emails containing Input Schools email’s value

Live site:
Bubble app: Oraora | Bubble Editor

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

@NigelG just tagging you as your replies have been some of the most helpful that I’ve seen.

Hi there, @OraOra… if I understand your post correctly, a user’s email has to be in the School emails list in the Admitted Waitlist data type in order to be able to sign up, correct? If that’s the case, the reason it is working in the development version of the app and not on the live site is because your Admitted Waitlist data type is empty in your live database. Check out the Data >> App data tab, and click the Switch to live database link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to see what I mean.

You can either populate that data type in the live database manually or you can use the Copy and restore database link to copy data from your development database to your live database (just be real careful when using that feature, though, because you are overwriting your live database).

Hope this helps.


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Thanks a lot @mikeloc! That did the trick perfectly!

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