Cannot see application data in bubble

Hi all,
Using the live application database and adding and confirming registration of a new user, but no data is present in the database besides the users email address when sign-up is clicked.

Here is my signup field saves and the view of data (fields are empty). I did write data in the input boxes before saving. - Anyone make sense of this? Thanks

I’m clearly missing something very easy for this to happen, but anyone know?

Are you sure the data isn’t there? Sometimes the views in the data admin panel don’t show values. If you try to reference the data on a page in your app, does it work?

Thanks Andrew, I’ll give that a go and report back.

I actually rechecked this in live by adding a new user, and viewing the users details on a profile page - but only the email address is shown.

Sign up workflow is adding additional field data from inputs - surname / first name / user name etc to the user.

Profile page is referencing the same data from the current user.

I’m going to check everything as clearly something’s wrong

Ignore all of this - I had duplicate pages doing the same thing and was editing the wrong one! :sweat: