Sign Up User Slows Down Workflow Load Time By 9-10 Seconds

This is an interesting issue I am hoping to find a solution to.

  • When I use the “Sign Up User” action at the beginning of my workflow the entire workflow loads in 12 seconds.
  • When I remove the “Sign Up User” action from the workflow it loads in 1-2 seconds.
  • When I place the “Sign Up User” at the end of the workflow it loads in less than 3 seconds.

I need to place the “Sign Up User” at the beginning of the workflow, but I do not understand why it is taking 12 seconds to load given the workflow loads in 1-2 second when I remove the “Sign Up User” action. Is this a bug? Are there anyways around this issue?

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Thanks for outlining your tests so clearly.

If the long workflow time is a problem on the front end for the User, you could separate out the workflows eg. workflow 1 is just ‘shows a thing’ and ‘sign up’. workflow 2 is the event ‘when this thing is true’ (eg. thing is visible), do workflow 2, and all the other stuff goes in to that workflow 2. Then while workflow 2 is running, distract the user on the front end with something else.

Am following, interested to see if there are any suggestions from other Bubblers.

@cowontherun Thanks for the response. You will find this 4th test even more interesting.

I separated the workflow into 2 workflows. After the “Sign Up User” action is complete I schedule a custom event to run in .01 seconds that triggers the rest of the workflow from the previous screenshot. The entire workflow including the custom event runs in less than 2 seconds.


Well that’s valuable info! I edited my reply above to include a suggestion but looks like your schedule an event is the solution. Very interesting.

Interesting that Bubble cannot handle putting the 2 together. I have workflows 4 times as long that do not have this run time issue. This has to be a bug.

Best would be a bug report for the slow situation with a reproduction case so that our team can look into it, there may be some inefficiency here.

Thanks, Emmanuel. I did submit this as a bug report. I put 12 hours in to trying to restructure my workflow and I have not found a fix (besides splitting up the sign up user action into a separate workflow). On a side not that may be related, I am continuously receiving this warning general error, as well. I submitted this report error code as a bug report.

Guys, I have the same problem… but the delay time for the login is about 23 seconds!

I submitted it as bug #7042 but was told by support it wasn’t a bug. I’ve been on vacation since so not taken the time to argue my case.

@garet.send, thanks for all your research on this!

Best wishes,

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