Signature pad lite

I am trying to get signature by this plugin (signature pad lite) but its not saving in the database as an image.
my signature page is terms and conditions and registration page is different where after getting signature on the terms and conditions page (i wanna send its image url as a parameter on the registration page so i could easily save it in database of user)

and i have made separate table as well (temp_signature) but it’s not saving the signature image in the database at all.

Anyone ?

Do you see the image in your File manager at least?

How are you attempting to get the file/URL in your workflow currently?

now after refreshing i can see signature image in file manager is their anyway i can send its url to the other page as well. i wanna store it with rest of the data which is on other page

or somehow save it in temp signature table … its not saving anywhere nor going in the url

So there will be a new event available in your workflows, something like “Signature Pad Created”

Then make sure you have a file or image field on your data type, then set that field to the signature pads image

There is a “Save PNG bubble a Signature Pad Lite” option under Element Actions which allows you to select the SignaturePadLite A option, but it doesn’t seem to do anything or save anywhere.