Struggling with Signature - File not saving

Hey all,

I currently have a page where users input data in fields and then sign at the bottom. The signature add-on works well, and you can sign and save.

But, rather than saving the picture of the signature in the database on the page (which contains the rest of the info), it saves it as a .png file in the ‘files’ database section.

How do I get it so that the signature stays with the database record that contains the rest of the info on that page?

Here’s my database:


So basically I want the user to enter details, and then click save on the signature box. This’ll save all of the data he/she entered along with the signature to the database.

Any ideas?

@johnyelland1234 I have a lesson on LearnTo that covers this topic. It’ll walk you through how to save it as part of a database record.

Direct link to the video below:

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