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Signing a user up via url parameter

Hello, I’m sending people to my app via a url that contains an “email” parameter. When the page is loaded I have a workflow that signs the user up. This works fine except when the user clicks the link a second time. Then I get the error “This email address is already in use”.

I added a condition with a search for the user’s email address in the Users list, but that returns 1 even if the user is not in the list yet. So I’m looking for a way to check if the user already exists -> if not sign up -> if yes log in.

Thanks a lot!

Could you use the Event “User is logged in” and “User is not logged in”?

I’m afraid not. I need to be able to check if the user is already created in the database, not if he is logged in or logged out. Here’s the workflow I currently have:

How does the conditions for SignUp and Login look?

I have sometimes had problems when putting conditions in Actions and instead put them on the Event. This in your case would mean you need to create a Custom Events for SignUp and Login.

It looks like you are on the right track with;
Checking to see if the users is already registered. In the “Only When” and then executing either of the two actions;

  1. Sign up the user if the email address not found in the Users data type
  2. Log the user in if the email address is already found in the Users data type.

However, we cannot see what you have put in the “Search for Users” parameter dialog, you maybe have a mistake there.

It should have a “email = get email from page url” parameter. You might have to also do an Email is not empty, and also watch for case sensitivity.

Hi guys, thanks a lot for your help! Here’s the search in the only when section:

Looks like it should work. Maybe the search is not fast enough so the signup gets done anyway.

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