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Signup of new user only when user doesn`t exist

I have a request form in my application which at the same time also functions as a sign-up form.

All the information is filled in, after which the user is asked for his/her phone number, e-mail and a password. However it can happen that an existing user which hasn’t logged in also makes use of the form, in which case it is not possible to create another account with the same e-mail.

I was trying to use the ‘only when’ option for workflows to put something like `only when e-mail doesn’t belong to an existing user’ but for the last few days haven’t been able to figure it out.

Anyone have an idea how to easily resolve this? Thanks a lot in advance!

You have to use the “do a search for…” function in the workflow; to cross reference the database.

You could set a workflow that - “sign’s the user up” only when:

Do a search for users …is empty
The condition should be set to something like: email input = Do a search for users emails

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