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Signup and Login for native App

I am redesigning signup and login process but before I do like to get some idea on what is best design for native app. I have bubble application that index page is public website with signup and login button. The application is B2C marketplace with 2 user types; the customer would use native app and business would use web browser. Also users can signup using facebook or email. If signup is managed outside of native app then customer login would only need to be via facebook or email (with password reset) on native app. I understand that native app should be single webpage with popups and groups. Can anybody help with design concept for my application?

I have limited experience with Native Apps, but my understanding is that you will build out the web app as normal website with all the pages and workflows you want.

Then you will have one Page that is dedicated to the mobile app, and this URL and page design will be used when turning it into an app. @natedogg might be able to help more with this as he has a great (from what I hear) course on building a native app with Bubble.

On this mobile specific page you will put in all of the groups, elements and workflows one would need when using an app. This includes another design for the sign up and login process that feels good and works on a mobile device

Does that help or still have questions?

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