Simple Halloween game

Hi guys could you try this simple game I’ve built ? It’s an halloween inspired memory game :slight_smile:


This is awesome.

I taught English as a second language to children between 6 and 12 years old and subscribed to a website call barryfunenglish and there was a memory game just like this (albeit not halloween themed) and I always wondered if I could build that site using bubble.

How did you do the sounds when selecting a card and it was wrong or correct match?


great job. but there seems to be some glitch with the lowest lowest matches record. i got 27, but the record still shows 34 as the lowest

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Haha very good, I’m suppose to be working, not shuffling cards … kind of addictive :v:

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Hi @boston85719 !
I’m happy you liked the idea :smiley:
To answer your question directly, I’ve used the Howler.js Music Player plugin to play the sounds.
About how the game works I might do a video explaining it because although it is simple it’s hard to explain in text .
Thank you again !

Hi ! Thanks for trying out the game, I’ve searched through the record and I can’t find your game where you used only 27 moves :frowning:
Feel free to try again to rescue your record!
Nice Bubbling :smiley:

Hi! Sorry for distracting you ahaha I’m happy you liked it :smiley:
Nice Bubbling :smiley:

if i play again by pressing reset, it doesnt seem to save the record. i broke it again with 26 moves and it’s still not showing up

28 :trophy:

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Very cool distraction. Nice job. My memory is clearly nowhere near as good as some of my fellow Bubblers.

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Congratulations ! The best I got was 40 LOL

Same here LOL thank for trying the game :smiley:

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I must admit that i used MS Paint with a printscreen of the game to mark what cards i flipped :laughing: