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Hey bubblers, I would like to show you my first bubble game, is it called “Isabella” , named after my first niece.:heart_eyes:
It is a simple pick the correct random color game.
Is this the first bubble game?
Enjoy bubblers:


Very cool!! Nice work, @caeroa! :slight_smile:

That is neat. Does it become harder as one scores higher?

thats nice ill try with my four year old!

One question. The page seems to reload on each new color? Do you think you would be able to make a change where just the top part changes with a display data workflow? Perhaps you’re doing this already but I feel like the changes can be quicker.

Inspired to make a game for my kids :smiley:

Thanks @fayewatson

Hey Thanks @davidyjackson
Yes, I am thinking using either timing, the higher score the lees time to find the match ; Or three or four lifes, if you loose yo can lose some hearts; Or reduce the gap between the random numbers so the higher the score the similar the hues of the boxes.

Thnaks @vincent56
Yes, the page reloads each time you win, I am searching all around how to solve this so you never have to reload.

:heart_eyes: Honored to give some inspiration.

hey @vincent56 I just Improved it a lot , now the game does everything automatically, The page doesn’t have to reload to reload each color , the color does it by itself.

It is, I would say 400% faster now.


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