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Simple Inbox/Messenger Template

Hi Bubblers,

Just published a simple inbox/messenger template that can be easily integrated into your platform and give your users a way to engage each other on your platform. I have setup with 2 demo users to allow you test interaction. It includes a simple new mail notification, your conversation thread and the actual messages, with priority given to most recent thread.

Thanks for checking it out.

Simple Inbox/Messenger template



Can you post link to App, I think you missed to post the link here.


@arjun.kumar21 thanks for the heads up. Completely missed that :slight_smile:


I Understand ,its coz of sheerjoy :slight_smile:
I am also in same path, new to Bubble , But completely love it.

Looks great @treeconsultgroup , the demo emails to log in are not working?

@bwvemma All fixed. Try now.

Works great, love the simplicity. Thanks @treeconsultgroup been looking for an easy message system like this.

thanks @bwvemma

So is this standalone or does it sync with existing email?

If standalone, can it be set up to notify a user that they have new mail in the system?

@robert i am not completely sure what you mean by sync with an existing email.

It is a tool that will allow your users send messages back and fort to each other within your platform, and it tracks and helps manage their messages and conversations. And yes, it can be setup to notify a use they have new mail on your platform…with a few additional workflows.

can also email me at [email protected] for more specific questions.

ok thanks