Simple inventory UI

Hey everybody! I am really struggeling to find out how to make an inventory.
This inventory would mostly look like this:

So on the start the user has nothing in his inventory, but there will be items, lets say flower, milk, mobile. For each item there is an input toggle where the user can set that they own the items.
So my goal is to achieve that whenever the user toggle on that he owns a flower, the flower icon will appear in the inventory and on the right side would be the details of that item. Also I want an option where the user can add his own item and own it. How is this achievable? of cours every user will see only his own items. Thank you very much for the help!

What you’re describing is basically a store Shopping Cart setup with Products, Cart items (containing a Product and Quantity) just with different names for the datatypes/fields :joy:

Search for shopping cart logic here on the forum there could be some good examples

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You are in luck, I was very bored and it kinda sounded fun.
Editor: game-inventory | Bubble Editor
Run mode: Bubble | No-code apps


Lol now I really do feel lucky to see the full solution in front of me. God bless you bro.
It is much easier now to understand the logic behind it. Thank you very much!

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