Simple Print on demand platform template

Hello! I need help building a very simple print-on-demand platform, similar to Printful. However, without the possibility for multiple vendors to enlist/ sell their products.

I want to sell my personalizable products through multiple users to their end users on their website or Etsy. An example of an app like this is shineon: 1 vendor/ admin with multiple resellers that sell to their buyers. I am missing the software for this but already can fulfill the products.

Has anyone built this? I do see a couple of multi-vendor templates, can someone help with consultation to edit these?

Or - Does anyone have in the marketplace a template for printing on demand?

Hello @wijworden1, if i understand you want a platform like this Online product customization platform built entirely on bubble

Not entirly. I don’t need a product customization option since the products I sell can be customized with pre-set options and images that the customer (not the reseller) actually uploads. So it’s a platform with 1 admin/ seller/ maker + multiple resellers that can upload their customer’s file. It is still like Printify in the sense that the reseller can choose which of the products out of the catalog he will resell and sync those to his platform through api’s. Sorry, I wasn’t clear before.