Dropdown default value issue

Greetings everyone!

I am a beginner with Bubble, and I am still able to get far with my application, but i have an issue with setting the default value for a dropdown element.

This portion of the app creates a fuel record, the records are displayed in a repeating group the user can click on a cell to edit the record. My issue comes in with the edit form, and the dropdown’s default value, when i set it to ie "Parent group fuel record location " i get this issue “Dropdown location_vehicle: Default value should be Location but right now it is a text”

the new record form pulls the choices from an option set, I have tried using a custom state to save the data from the fuel record cell and also displaying the data in the group but i still can’t get around that issue.

Guidance with this is much appreciated, I even tired chatGPT suggestions.

Thanks for any assistance.

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I was able to solve it :upside_down_face:, what caused the issue was how i had setup my database, for location and fuel_type in the fuel record datatype i had both of them set to text when they were suppose to be set to the option sets where they were pulling there values from :sunglasses:.

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