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Since responsive is ready, what next for Bubble? T-SHIRTS ;)

Since the responsive engine is out, I’m curious what’s next features (big and small) coming to Bubble. Would you mind sharing :slight_smile: @emmanuel?

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These coming weeks are more about performance and scalability and fixes. So database speed, timezones, error checker working at scale, UX fixes, and handling requests from users by email and the forum.


Cool. Timezones and error checker are appreciated. But I’m curious about the next big step…:slight_smile:

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I think the next big step for Bubble should be…wait for it… T-Shirts! I would love to buy a bubble T-Shirt to get the word out about Bubble :smile:


Seriously? :slight_smile:


or jackets… :grinning:

*count me in for any Bubble apparel!


Not seriously, of course (although I would still love to sport a Bubble T-Shirt). Didn’t mean to hijack the thread. As you were gentlemen…

I’m actually genuinely asking. At some point we’ll have to do stuff like these as it’d be good to propagate the vision and the product, but as we’re bootstrapped we have to be a little careful with this kind of expenses.

i would buy one, assuming it is US$18 or less plus S/H. but I can’t speak for everyone, obviously.


That’s an interesting data point, let’s see if others have an opinion

I would totally buy a shirt as well. Or even stickers for my laptop.

Edit: @emmanuel If you guys decide to maybe do this. There is a company named Printful that does all the work in making and shipping apparel and other products that can be printed on. You make less of a profit (ex. they charge you $16 to print and ship shirt, you guys sell them for $20), but as a marketing strategy will be well worth it. Spread the Love for Bubble.

Also if you guys want to maybe sell stickers there is another company called Sticker Mule, that i believe does the same thing (create and ship) but for stickers.

Maybe have a Shop link were users can purchase bubble related merchandise. To support and promote Bubble. :fist:

Some food for thought.


This might sound a little cheesy but the other day I was thinking it would be cool to have ‘pass it on’ Bubble cards (sort of like a business card, but only focused on communicating what Bubble is and emphasize building without code).

Since everyone in this forum is from around the world, we could give them to friends and ask them to keep passing on the card to their friends who they think can build their ideas on Bubble too. Bubble users could also leave them in places where potential Bubble users are working (university libraries, coffee shops, co-working spaces, rec centers, coding schools). Just something that will catch people’s eyes and be an exciting thing for someone to pick up :slight_smile: No discounts or coupon codes, just genuine enthusiasm for Bubble.

This company Jukebox makes extremely creative business cards (ex: you could have the cards actually look like Bubbles). I would purchase a t-shirt, stickers and/or cards to do the above but understand if it may be too pricey.


I think in a day or two we will see 2-3 bubblers building and deploying websites for the above T0shirt, Sticker and Business card ideas through bubble.

That’s how easy it is using bubble.:slight_smile:


@emmanuel I’m down with the shirts. What about Teespring? From my understanding, customers pre-fund the orders. Their site says the base cost per shirt is $8.89 (American Apparel). That could be a simple way to produce some merch without coming out of pocket, and have it done tomorrow. I would pay $500 + S/H if they shipped with hashtags and native development. :wink:


This guy f#cks! :smiley: Only the best show ever.

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Haha holy. That’s about a word for word discription of a marketing scheme I plan on executing for my project… I like your thinking. I think stuff like that can be good fun.

What about a massive 20 foot inflatable branded bubble - blown up overnight and left in the middle of a major city street. Haha. That would get some camera action! :wink:

Also this is a great forum post, everyone! So community. I’m totally down for bubble branded nick nacks. Maybe water bottles too - can never go wrong with water bottles.


Best offer here!

I’d like a sticker for my Chromebook…

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Heck yeah… A Bubble sticker would go nice on my chromebook as well.

Hey whatever it is i am buying :slight_smile: