Since When...popup, page not scrollable, popup scrollable

I’m pretty sure this is a very recent change, but can not find an announcement of the change.

It seems like a recent change is that when a popup is opened, the page is no longer scrollable and the popup itself is scrollable, only if the popup height layout setting is not set to fit height to content, because if it is set to fit height to content the popup is also not scrollable and the overflow content is not visible and therefore inaccessible.

I do not recall this happening in the past, and my clients have reported the issue was not present previously.

Does anybody know if Bubble made an official change to behavior?

One thing that is good about this, which leads me to believe it is not a bug, but an intended change to behavior, is that when the page is no longer scrollable and the popup is scrollable, the mobile is almost centered vertically.

Fit height to content checked on popup (unscrollable popup - inaccessible overflow)

Fit height to content unchecked on popup (scrollable popup)

I just checked on my apps and I think there is a new bug: the first time I open a popup the page is not scrollable and the popup is partially not visible (unscrollable popup - inaccessible overflow). If I close the popup and open it again the page is scrollable again and I can see the rest of the popup.

Yes, I thought I was crazy! This is happening in my apps too. I checked in the console and noticed that the display mode of the body tag changes when you open a popup. Making the pop-up scrollable was the easiest fix, although with some css or javascript it may be possible to adjust the behavior of the page to allow the old behavior.

Indeed, I have this new behavior too…
There are @robhblake tips that work well with fit height to content still checked (so the popup doesn’t expand to infinity): Tutorial: Scroll within a popup without scrolling the page

In my experience, unchecking the fit height to content didn’t cause the popup to expand into infinity, but rather made it scrollable…it just shouldn’t have been that way, and leaving the fit height to content checked should have made it scrollable.

Odd I don’t have the same behavior here. The popup expands to the top and bottom page’s edges when I uncheck the box. But works well with the HTML :slight_smile:

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An added bug generated by this new behaviour: the scroll to action does not work anymore for elements inside the popup.
I guess we must use yet another workaround to compensate for untested changes made by bubble :poop:

You can use a JavaScript function to do it. I don’t recall off my head what it is but it’s possible.

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I know. I have already a simple action to do that with custom code.
It’s just unfortunate that this breaking change was shipped to live apps without proper testing and without any notice.

Hey Guys, I am experiencing a similar problem and I’m stumped.

I have a premium app that uses Open A.I help people with wedding-related things.

When the text is generated about half of it is covered with a floating group and a button to click to a popup which they can use to become a paying premium member and unlock more features.

I have used and HTML code on the page to disable scrolling until they make a purchase.

Problem is, if they click the popup and decide not to buy at the moment and then go back to the generated text the scroll bar is now yet again unlocked.

It seems that using popups is killing my HTML code
html, body {
overflow: hidden;

This defeats the whole purpose of my app being free to try but pay to use full features.

Any help would be great, thanks guys!

Your main problem is to send the whole text to the browser regardless. Anybody who can open the browser tools can see the text. If it is important to only show a partial text you need to send only a partial text.