Data not loading?

Is anyone else seeing a weird behavior where data isn’t displaying properly? Specifically in repeating groups?

It’s awfully strange because 90% of the repeating groups within my app are working, but three specific ones are not. When viewing in debug mode, I can see that data is being passed to the cells, they’re just not displaying.

I’ve submitted a bug report, but curious if anyone else is experiencing this? I haven’t touch these repeating groups in months…no clue why they are not working now. A sad, not super descriptive pic of an empty RG attached. Also a pic screenshot of me inspecting the groups with data showing in DB_mode @eve @jess

I just submitted a bug report for the same issue. The blank fields are occurring in both live and dev versions - and, as in your case, we haven’t made any changes or new deployments.

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Thank you both for submitting bug reports! Our team will investigate these behaviors through the information you provided there and update you as soon as possible.

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@chad3 — glad I’m not alone in this…

@jess — thanks for investigating! Looking forward to hearing the findings.

When posting questions like this or reporting such issues in bug reports, it’s very helpful to provide what browser/OS you’re seeing the issue on and also opening your console / paying attention to any errors Bubble is showing in the debugger pane, BTW.


Thanks, @keith. I was sure to add all of that within the bug report. My hope with this post was to gauge if this was a me problem or more widespread. Seems to be more of a me (and chad) problem…

I’ve been on Bubble for years. I’d consider myself quite proficient. This one has me stumped however.

For the record, this is still happening on chrome and safari on Mac and iOS.

Yes, I just noticed that as well on one of my repeating groups:

I am not sure when the problem occured first, since I was working in a different area of my app for the last few weeks. But I am pretty sure it is a recent bug.

I have the same issue being reported by several clients. Many RG are not displaying properly since at least this morning (GMT+1). I can confirm that also on my development environment.

By the way, if the page is resized it suddenly appears, at least in my case, and items seem to be present in the DOM, just not showing for some reason until you force the page to resize.


Same issue here.

bug with many customers.
In development version the bug is present on Windows 10 with edge and chrome. nothing to report in the Bubble debugger.

Same issue here!

The same ‘fix’ works in my app - if you resize the page, the RGs display correctly. Thought I’d mention it in case it helps with debugging or could be a temporary stopgap for customers using anyone’s apps.

Oh interesting. It does actually show when the page is resized. Good catch. Unfortunately my app is wrapped for iOS and Android so I can’t really resize it on the intended device.

@eve @jess — any update on this?

Yes, I found this resize trick, which I hope helps debugging the problem, although this is no relief for the end user as they will not be resizing the page constantly to get the app to work

We’ve gotten some reports on this, but nothing concrete quite yet. If you’re reaching out about this issue, please fill out a bug report with reproducible steps! It will allow us to quickly assess the issue so that we can get this fixed.


Thanks, @eve. I appreciate your continued support. I just filed my second bug report on this issue. Bug reports #12848 and #12867.

I never heard back regarding my first submission. I laid out steps to reproduce the bug. Not sure what’s needed to make it more clear. Thanks for letting me know how to help.

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If you’ve already filed a report, it’s likely that our team is looking into it and will be in touch as soon as we have more details to share! Thanks for doing so. :slight_smile:


Hi @eve. Thanks for looking into it. I have also sent a bug report. Do we have an ETA on a fix. Many apps seem to be broken do to the changes made yesterday or during the weekend (I am not exactly sure when it started…)

if i hide the repeating groups and then show them one by one with pauses, it works. For my part it worked very well before an update last night but I had not touched this page which was working very well for 1 month.