Single data table vs Multiple

This is my first app build for my own business.
I create 8 data table for different type of expanses. They are almost similar to each other. In this picture all RGs from different data table.

Now I am stuck in a position , Whether I should make single Data table or not. For testing purpose I am using almost 300 lines(Thing ) in total. I have one text in Header which is showing Current balance of each employee and this is taking almost 5 second to load. I have tested while there is only 2 thing & loading time is almost 4.5 second.(measured manually with stop watch)
If I create one data table whether it will improve the performance.
Any suggestion will be appreciated greatly.

Looks like all your tables are a money related thing, with a lot of the same fields. Probably would all benefit from being combined. Make an option set with those individual types, then make that option set a field on your data type to differentiate all of those. Then you can still do separate tables filtered by each type

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Thank for quick response. Already I have an option set using for page visibility for each type of expanses .

Can I use this Option set by "creating new attribute "
Can I separate single RG and separate all individual type of expanses.
Thanks again for your response.

Under your new combined data type you would want to just add a new field called “Type” and make the type that option set. Just keep in mind if this list starts turning into something you need to add more and more types, you would have to add them from that screen and push the update to live. Maybe think if it’s more worth it to transition to an actual data type. If this is pretty much it then don’t worry about it. Option sets are locked in when you push the app to live, data types you can create screens to edit/add/remove new types of expenses basically. Again not an issue if you think you aren’t going to need to do that

Yes you would do a nested repeating group. The first repeating group’s type would be your option set, and the data source would be all option set options. Then inside the cell you would add a repeating group and the data source would be “Do a search for [your new data type]” with a constraint that the Type = Current cell’s option

Then inside the cell you would have text for your title, and instead of manually typing it you would just do the “Current cell’s option’s Display”

Hmm… looks interesting now. Let me try.
I am just thinking the way-out last 2days, now I have got strength. Thanks, Let you know the status.

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