Single page app loading times are horrendous

Now, I don’t normally make forum posts seeing as it seems like a waste of time, but I just really had to get this off my chest.
So I have a single page application on IOS, the loading times are horrible.
Since the animations for hiding and showing elements were jerky and laggy, after several user complaints I had to load everything on page load under a splash screen and then show it, that hardly did anything as users now have to wait up to 20 seconds for the app to work.

I don’t want to but im heavily considering move over to a no code solution specifically for apps, I’m really frustrated with this, and wanted to firstly ask how people with apps made with are managing to do it? Secondly, wanted to warn new users of the horrible loading speeds on, costing me so much money.


I have done some complicated single page apps and they load very well after i made some optimizations.

Have you tried to figure out at what points of your page load takes longer than desired?

Thanks for the reply, its mainly a large group that loads extremely slow when the user has lots of repeating group entries, and by a lot I mean no more than 100, and it slows down the whole loading process a ton. Repeating groups is such a commonly used thing on bubble, I’m surprised it cant seem to handle a decent amount of them being loaded.
(For reference, my app is a dream journal)

RGs loading lots of data can slow things by alot right now but there are some things that u can try to speed things up.

The best would be to use pagination in RGs loading fetching lots of data. That helped improve the load times of my CRM with thousands of records.


So pagination speeds up loading times for you? interesting I’ll have a look thanks.