Single Page Responsive Issue in the Editor

Briefly stated, I am trying to build a single page format web app. Which means I will need to manually hide the elements (lets say elements of first page) while I am working with others (elements of second page after login).

The problem happens when I try to work with elements in “responsive mode” (not in UI builder mode) where NOT all the elements are available on the left panel.

In the UI Builder mode I can see the rest of the elements but in the responsive mode they do not. Is this a known bug or I am doing something wrong?

When you’re viewing from the UI Builder tab, you have the option for both the tree-based view (which shows all elements in a hierarchy-based list) and a default hidden view. However, on the responsive side, it only supports the hidden view.

When you’re building a single page app, my recommendation is treating all main groups as hidden by default. Both for the purposes of the responsive editor and to ensure only necessary things are visible off the bat.

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