Single Text Field no Operator for Convert to List

I was under the assumption based on my experience that we had always had the ability to convert a single text field into a list using the operator convert to list…this is a NECESSARY function when crafting a list of things from single field values since the Merge with operator is only available for lists.

I submitted a bug report to Bubble about the fact that the cancel a list of scheduled api workflows doesn’t show the operator

Instead of just waiting for Bubble to provide the likely response of submit an idea to the idea board, I decided to just save all IDs to a list field, but now, the operator for convert to list is not there either

Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 6.30.00 PM

So what am I supposed to do if Bubble doesn’t do the correct thing and fix the Bug? Am I supposed to eat the WU consumption to use the make changes to thing workflow action after each scheduled backend workflow to just use the ‘add’ to the list field?

I thought all generic data types (text, address, images etc.) as well as all custom data types had the operator for convert to list when working with a single value in an element or action that requires a list…

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Can you just Arbitrary text, then split by ,?

(the comma in the arbitrary text field probably isn’t necessary by the way)


thanks for the suggestion. Will use this as a work around