Convert to List operator to be available for all data types, not just custom data types

Just got the following reply from support regarding a bug report in which the convert to list operator is not available after arbitrary text or text or date or address

Thanks for waiting. I’ve looked into this, and our documentation explains that this operator is used to convert a unique item when working with lists. “Unique item” in this case refers to something in your database, which arbitrary text is of course not.

Here is my idea on the idea board, if you like the idea please upvote it.

The convert to list operator should be available for any type of data, not just custom data types…so a text, or address or date should have the ability to be converted to a list. It is ridiculous that only custom data type entries are able to be converted to list; either that or the fact that support insists that ‘unique item’ as described in the documentation is referencing database entry, rather than what most english speakers would understand as referring to a singular value of which there is not a duplicate.