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Sirius: Intelligent Personal Assistant

@emmanuel @georgeciobanu, this is certainly off in left field, but I just stumbled across this:

In short, its an open source Apple Siri / Amazon Echo.

Have you guys given any thought to adding some sort of AI like this?


We’d love to add this (I was looking at for a while as well). not have the time to add this, and no one has asked formally for it either. That’s very much the kind of things we like building on a sponsored basis (even if it’s not much), because there is a significant risk to add something that is super cool, but that no one actually uses :confused:


How do we currently “formally” request features? Is there a system in place or is it quite ad-hoc?

Not really, it’s more by email (and we’ve seen users trying to crowdfund stuff through the forum).

Super interesting. Wit’s demonstration on their site looks pretty cool. I was stunned to see Sirius doesn’t have one, so I’m not sure which one is better. To get an idea, what would be capable with such a bot? Could it enable voice navigation throughout an app? i.e. “show me all users who like x” to then navigate to a page and render those results.

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That’s a really advanced use case, as you’re not only asking the bot to interpret your words, you’re asking it to render a page that might not have been pre-created. The likely order of implementation might look like:’

  1. Tell a bot to do something, the bot compares your words against a list of approved actions, the bot takes that action
  2. Tell a bot to do something, the bot tries to determine your intention and takes you to a suggested thing
  3. Tell a bot to do something, the bot finds the information that solves your problem and generates a page

In the short term, I think bot implementation might look more like “shortcuts to do things I can already do” rather than opening up a bunch of new possibilities. Just an assumption, of course.

Assume the page and data has already been created. Its really no different from clicking a link. The page and data would have to exist. I think we’re on the same page though. “shortcut” - it potentially eliminates a bit of friction in terms of navigation and perhaps more.

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