Site calculate the time and user outside the application

I want to know how to make the site calculate the time and user outside the application.
For example, if 10 days have passed and the user has not confirmed the email, the application will run an action. :pray::pray:

For something like this, you’d want to run a cron job each day. Have it count how long it’s been since the user has used the application (you’ll want usage stored in the database so you can calculate how long it’s been). Then, if it’s been 10 days, you’ll trigger a workflow to send the user an email.

You can search in the forums for cron job tools. We use Bubble has this capability built in for higher tier plans as well.

for example Bubble forum like this

You can simply go to “API Workflows” in the editor, build an API workflow with the logic you need to run and then you use the workflow “Schedule API Workflow” select the API call and it’ll run at the date you set.

You just need to setup the data that the API call needs in order to run your logic, look into how the API Workflows work and you’ll be able to build this pretty quickly. No need for running cron jobs.

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