How can I have system send an email to a user each day at set time

Is there a way that I can have Bubble send an email (via Sendgrid or any other tool) every day at a time specified by the user?

For example if a user in New York said they wanted a reminder at 9am then each day, at 9am EST, my app would send them an email. If someone in London said they wanted a reminder at 10am GMT then it would go at 10am GMT.

Ideally I want to do it by storing the time in the User record (e.g Reminder at 9am) and possibly the Location (e.g. Chicago or Rome). And then an API workflow runs every hour and sends out all those that need to go out.

Amy help will be very much appreciated.

Do it with Integromat or Parabola. It’s cheaper than using the higher plan to set scheduled workflows within Bubble.

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You can do what @nocodeventure suggested or if you would like to use Bubble’s Scheduled Workflows you can schedule an email to send every day at the time you would like.

Hi Siddhartha,

I use Zapier for this ( executing a workflow to mail users everyday).

You set up a Webhook in Zapier and point it at an API workflow you make in Bubble which executes what ever you want it to do.
@NigelG was so friendly to make a 'how to’when he was figuring it out:

Hope that helps!

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