Site speed problems

I have a site which is already monetizing, but it’s too slow to load and customers are starting to get annoyed. Is there any way to improve the initial load. The speed assessment says that it is very low.

There’s already a lot of topic about speed (and also about speed tester like Google one). You should read that first. There’s also a guide that you can buy about optimizing speed in your app

thank you, i read first

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+1 for the book @jici recommends. A must read.

Speed issues are really interesting, and usually solvable. Hard to know what’s happening in your app without looking inside.

Common culprits are…

  • A buggy plugin
  • Too many searches happening, data being downloaded, and/or slow, client-side searching
  • Too many large elements & images on the page, excessive number of fonts, icons libraries, etc.
  • Just too much stuff (searches, data, workflows, plugins, API calls) being crammed on the page in general

You can also take a look at the network tab in Google dev tools, and dig around in there to see what may be causing the issue.


It’s Bubble that should explain this. Yeah, Lighthouse scores for Bubble apps will be crappy for many reasons, but the main thing I see is that on shared plans you’re left waiting for the shared server to serve up your page. This is NOT reflected in Lighthouse scores, as LH assumes it’s a glitch. So, think about that.

Anyone from Bubble or The Goog that wants to prove me wrong, just chime in.

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