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Siteground Hosting

New to this I’d like some insights!

I get a plan on Siteground and they propose dummy domain name but still need to pay an extra $30 for them to move the website manually??? Anyway planning on buying a domain name soon but should I be building on Wordpress as mentionned with SEO issues with Bubble then moving the app as sub domain?

If yes should I still pay Siteground $30 to move the app on the subdomain?

I wasn’t expecting this but well it will be a fee to be paid to get live once for all!

Thanks to enlighten me :slightly_smiling_face:

I would build your landing page with and put your bubble app on a subdomain. the app doesn’t usually need the SEO, and it’s hard to accomplish. However, getting your Dorik site SEO ready is a breeze as is setting your subdomain!

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Darn, I wished I knew about this @jared.gibb before going down the Webflow road - as all I was trying to do was get decent SEO! Cheers :pensive:

I am a big bubble proponent until we’re taking seo. That needs a different service IMO. You need to serve pages very fast (until they’re hooked into your app). Think about google. Most google pages are lighting quick until you are into one of the services. Then things slow down.

Bubble can’t provide the highest quality landing page or static site user experience when compared to static site builders.

It’s good, just not for everything. Dorik certainly has limitations as does webflow or Wordpress etc. you just look for something that fits your specific needs as it’s relates to a website and use bubble for your webapp


Thanks for the answers!

Is it really worth to go on another no code platform and pay one more subscription to have a front page which would cost $20 if just a template personalized?

My point is more about Siteground hosting and I’ll probably go ask them now. They ask $30 to push the website on their servers and I thought it could be done on my own, they offer free migration with Wordpress which is where I’ll probably do my front page.

I just wonder about the whole thing since it’s a first for me. Do I still need to pay $30 when I want to get the bubble app on the subdomain, etc…

Well step by step, got sold on that Siteground subscription yesterday and my website isn’t over yet.

Actually there is a folder on the hosting website and we just need to drop the files :sweat_smile:

So I ended up creating my own page with a HTML template and tweaked all I could for SEO.

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What’s the URL of your landing page? Nice work by the way.

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