Website builder within Bubble?


We’re looking to build (and by that I mean hire an agency) a very simple website builder on Bubble.

All the details and requirements related to the builder seem to be no problem and very easy to handle. The only issue seems to come down to the URLs of the pages that the builder would be producing. From my conversations, it sounds like every page would have to sit on a single subdomain. Alternatively, it sounds like we could have multiple subdomains, but each one would require at least a $29/month Bubble subscription… Do I have that correct? Is there any work around to this? Is this something that’s expected to change in the future/near future?

If we can only work from one domain/subdomain, I suppose we could always instruct clients to simply redirect their custom domain name to their subdomain URL… definitely not ideal, but could be a stop-gap for if/when multiple domains are possible.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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You don’t need multiple bubble apps for this. I asked a similar question recently and the best way to go about what you want is to build one app with one database on a multitenant SaaS model using privacy rules to separate them from each other. The challenge is giving each user his own unique domain name but there are at least 2 plugins that deal with this challenge.

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you use the provided slugs data type for the different dynamic urls