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Sketch App For Layouts?


Been using bubble for a few months and really have started diving into the design side of things and I would love to take my screen layouts from sketch and port them to a Bubble app. I was wondering if there was anything available that did something like that? The best option I have used so far is porting the screens using, but still have to hand draw the layout in my app.

I noticed that Sketch uses some cool stuff like symbols and nested symbols which function like groups in Bubble, so was just curious if there was anything created that allowed us to use Sketch artboards for prototyping?


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Not an answer but related: I’m not a Sketch user but have been wondering what it gets you to design your layout in Sketch vs doing it directly in Bubble.

Basically using the artboards, creating one group of vector elements and having them resize. Also it allows me to load other resources people have designed ( and customize them for use. I also use a plugin that will populate my repeating groups with data. It really has a ton of cool features if you are designing for devices or the web :slight_smile:

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This is the main reason I am asking :slight_smile:

I just figured since there are a bunch of new plugins being added, see if this was possible :slight_smile:

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In my humble opinion, the sketch tools are a lot easier to use and get the desired outcome you want, it’s simply a bit faster. The keyboard shortcuts are a life saver! Personally, I think bubbles work flow system is the real magic, and the UI tools are playing catch up. I’m ok with this :slight_smile:


For sure, if somehow I can design my app in Sketch even if it just ported over the layout and element sizes I would love it. I understand the workflow stuff, I am just bad at design and sketch makes it easy to style everything quickly.


I designed my prototype in Sketch and then made it “usable” with InVision… I stumbled across bubble when looking for a way to make my prototype a web app… I was searching for a way to port over my artboards into this but it seems we all have the same problem… In regards to initial post with the sketchode plugin - if you did what I did and created the clickable prototype with InVision - they have a pretty cool feature called Inspect which allows you to do the same thing as sketchode (as it seems). I guess another decent option but not as good as importing your sketch artboards directly into bubble.

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There’s a tool for mobile apps called Neonto that can take Sketch files and output Java and Objective-C. The same company is making a tool called React Studio that outputs to React components and single page web apps. The tools don’t have Bubble’s back end capabilities, but the sketch import is nice. Maybe something that’ll be possible when the plugin system is done?

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