Custom UI Design on Bubble from Other Programs?

Hey everyone,

I’m new to the Bubble community. Did some digging around in the forums and I couldn’t find the answer to my question: Is it possible to implement custom UI designs on Bubble from other programs/tools?

For example: Would I be able to create the front-end mobile design on Adobe InVision, then apply it to my app in Bubble? Or are there any other programs that would work with Bubble in doing so? If so, how would I go about applying them?

I’m also interested in learning about the possibilities/limitations in front-end. I’m creating a very barebones app right now just to get the general layout and functionality, but if I can create something on a tool like InVision, that would be great. Hoping to end up on one of those “Best Mobile App Design” lists one day.

Thanks for the help!

This is not currently possible.

Bubble doesn’t offer the ability to port something in that’s pre built (similar to how Webflow creates code that can be exported; but generally that only works for a static, marketing-type, site).

However, if you’re using a tool like InVision for sketching/wireframing purposes, you can use that as a reference point for building out the styles within your application within Bubble and general page architecture. Just can’t port it in directly.

What I would do is take all of the components from the InVision prototype (or other software), and turn them into a Style Guide within a Bubble application. (When building Bubble apps, I create a style board within the application - like this template and customize to match the prototype).

There are some concepts within prototyping tools that don’t extend well when you’re building applications (ie. properly reflecting different states of pages; where an InVision prototype shows you different versions of the same screen).