⚡ Skreen - PWA / Mobile Kit Template

Hi All!

Welcome Skreen - PWA / Mobile Kit Template

Skreen is a toolkit template designed to help you quickly create beautiful and consistent user interfaces for your PWA / mobile applications.

This template includes over 30 different UI components, including buttons, inputs, navigation elements, and more. Each component is designed to be easily customizable so that you can easily make them look and work the way you want.

Skreen also includes a set of functions that are optimized for mobile apps. These functions include a popup screen, bottom sheet and a set of native specific utility functions which have been tested on both iOS and Android.

Finally, Skreen includes a detailed style guide that covers everything from Typography to Color Palettes. This guide is designed to help you create a consistent and beautiful user interface for your Bubble applications.

What’s included :
• 30+ customizable components
• Set of mobile optimized screens
• Set of native functions
• Style guides
• Chat / Messenger
• Mobile preview
• …and more

This template is 100% built using Bubble’s new resposive engine with only two (2) free plugins installed including toolbox.

Install it as a PWA (Progressive Web Apps)
This template can be installed as a PWA on your mobile phone. Simply add to your home screen (for Safari on iOS) or install (for Chrome on Android), you will find our app icon on your homescreen. Our apps will look and behave identically to most of the regular apps. You can even use some of the device’s features like the camera, date/time picker and others.

The template is sold as is, although additional modification can be discussed. Feel free to contact me for any inquiries and I’ll be happy to find a solution for your ideas helloxola@gmail.com

Hope you guys like it!

Demo :