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Slack API - Create a slack bot

Hi :blush: !
I need to be able to post on my users’ slack chancels. As the zero code plugin is apparently not working anymore, I’m trying to figure out a way to do it.

I was thinking abut Zapier but this solution means that I would need to create a different zap for each of my users in zapier, witch is obviously not the best…

I understand that it can be possible to create an API call/post from bubble settings… But it’s not clear for me.

If you have an idea, I would love to hear it !

(I’m not new to Bubble, but I don’t have any technical background)

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You can ask users to connect their Slack account to your app using OAUTH.

From there you can use the access token to post to their channels.

It is a bit tricky, but plenty of people have done similar things, so ask :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Nigel :blush: !

So… Where do I start :sweat_smile: ? I have no clue how to use it…

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Will have a look this weekend and post some steps.

I just had to do this for my app and it took me a while to figure out out so hopefully these screenshots help!

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Thank you all for these awesome tips :blush: !

Actually @Taiheta just created an amazing plugin to do what I needed to do :muscle:


@alice how can I find the plugin that @Taiheta has built? Thanks JG

@alice Is there any guide to using the @Taiheta app? I’d like to notify users through slack and I’m not sure where to start.

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Hi @matt14, were you able to figure this out?

I am trying to notify my team in a Slack channel when an action happens in my Bubble app. Some of those actions are done by customers that are not logged in, (i.e new quotations, etc…)

Any information is appreciated.


Hi @joelgarciagalan - unfortunately not. This was put on the backburner while I work on other things.