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Slack bot API help

I want to build a Slack bot to post messages to a Slack channel, but I lack some understanding of APIs.

Using the Bubble Slack plugin (see below) I manage to post messages in the channel with a simple workflow (see below).

In this case, I have to sign in first and then be able to send the messages. However, since my desired behavior is to send messages automatically when something in the database happens, I need to find a way to send messages without having to sign in to Slack every time.

How can I achieve this? Do I need to use the Bubble API Connector plugin and the Bearer Token?

Hi there @sensei01,

You can use the Slack Webhook.

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Hey @johnny,

many thanks for the reply. I really did solve it with your hint.
If possible, can you shortly explain what is the difference between a webhook and what I tried to do before with the ClientID and Client secret?

Client ID and Client Secret is for oauth webhook isn’t