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Slick slideshow cannot show from a field that is a list of images

I wanted to use the Slick slideshow, but it will not let me use one Thing with a field that is a list of images as source. I can only use a list of Things that have a field that is one image.

For explaining the problem, consider a blogging app, where the user creates a post with some photos.

My data type looks like this:

And when I configure the slideshow, I can only select “Post”:

I would have liked to choose “Image” in “Types of image” instead of “Post” and then select “Current Page Post’s Photos” as the “Data source”.

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I too tried and gave up to use this for a list of images within a thing. it should be possible, but maybe just didn’t approach it in the right way.

Wait to see if someone has a solution!

We don’t support this, but we’ll try to add this today.


Just pushed that.


That is awesome. This is why I like bubble!

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