Slidebar issue on mobile and working on desktop

Hi everyone,

I have an app workin on my laptop wit an slidebar menu when its under 630px.
The point is that dwarfing the window I can use the slidebar and all buttons with no problem.
When I am on my phone anything is working well although it is responsive. When i click on a page of the slidebar menu or on a button of the index page to go to an other page it is like going to the page but i see the same as it is on index. It is so weird because the option About us in the menu is the only thing working well on mobile version.

From an iPad everything is working too.

Someone knows whats the problem?

Thanks in advance!


I had a problem where I’d click on the slidebar but it would navigate to whatever was underneath the slidebar menu (perhaps nothing is underneath the about us menu option?)

I never could fix it.

Something is in front of the menu, that’s why you are able to click on About us. It can be a plugin image too.

Hi @jeffmccutcheon

Same thing.