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SlideBar menu not working

hi there i am facing a strange issue. i have a slidebar menu that will popup when page width is less than 500px. the menu works for all options except ‘My Profile’. when i click my profile, nothing happens when it should navigate to user profile page.

i checked my workflow and it seems fine. any ideas? thank you in advance!

Did you check the work flow debugger? It’s hard to help without a link to see what’s going on, but the debugger might give you some clues if you don’t want to share a public link.


hi thank you for your reply! i checked the debugger but it doesnt show anything. funny thing is it works for other options except my profile.

here is the link. the slidebar menu only appears when page width is less than 790 px. maybe you know something that i dont.

It’s difficult to say without seeing the development side of your app. The link provided doesn’t show us what was done. Share a public link to your app or replicate it in a public app or form.

my apologies i added the wrong link. my account is currently on free plan so it should be public if i recall. thank you for your help!

I was busy having a look when the app became read only. Sorry can’t help because I can’t do anything.

hi raymond. i just changed to everyone can edit. not sure if that is the right thing to do but i really appreciate your help

I fixed it! It was something so, so, so hidden it would’ve taken ages for someone to find on purpose. I was clicking around and discovered that the option in the Slide Menu for “My Profile” actually had a hidden space after it. I deleted the space, and it worked!


wow thats unbelievable. thank you so much for your help! i really appreciate it especially since its my first time using bubble. if you dont mind i will change back to everyone can view. thank you Andrew!


No problemo, glad I could help!