Slidebar menu doesn't close on mobile

Hello, I hope someone can help. I have the Slidebar menu plugin and it works great, except I cannot get it to close on mobile unless I select a clickable element. This is for iPhone and iPad, on browser it works perfectly.

Expected Behavior: I tap on the slidebar menu, but don’t want to select and option. Clicking outside of the menu will collapse the menu.

Actual Behavior: When I tap outside of the menu on mobile browsers, the menu remains and I must select and option to collapse it.

Appreciate any help!

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Yes I’m struggling with the same issue. Temporarily my work around is - user clicks on the menu on the left side but the menu options are being opened from the right (which isn’t the best user experience). Would definitely appreciate if anyone can figure this out.

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Me too… instead of selecting a menu option if you want to stay on the same page if you drag the page up slightly is then disappears …obviously you cannot instruct or expect users to do this… i thought this was just me

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Dang, I don’t know if this is going to be addressed, but if you are having this problem, you are not alone! Please post any tips or work arounds if you’ve found any!

Update here, this looks like it’s just for iOS, friend working on Android is not having this issue. I’ll post a bug when I figure out how to do that =)