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Slider Bar issue

I’m having a few issues with the slider bar. The range of my slider is 0-4. I’ve made the slider inactive until a check box above it is clicked.

  1. When the check box is clicked, the slider value automatically moves to the highest value. I’d like it to stay at 0 until the user moves it.

  2. If the user does select the highest value, it is passing a 0 instead of 4 to my algorithm.

  3. Finally if the user decides they want to uncheck the check box, the slider bar does not go back to 0.

Anyone having similar problems?

Can you copy paste the different elements there (see my post Open app for forum questions)

I pasted them in the app, but there are a lot of data points and dependencies didnt copy.

Yeah it seems like you missed some elements that are used in the conditional tab of the slider. Can you try again?

It’s because your conditional state does something strange. What you have is:

normal state: min 0, max, 4, value 4
checkbox checked: min 5, max 4, value 4, invalid. (since the max, value don’t changed).

So when you check the box, the min is 5, and the value is 4, so it’s at the bottom.

Thank you Emmanuel! Is there a condition that would move the slider bar back to the lowest position if the check box was unchecked by the user?

I have the same question. I can reset the sliders value of Slider 2 when I change the value of Slide 1 (through workflow). But the handle stays in the same position?