Slider conditional not working (possible bug)

I have a slider that was working perfectly until my min and max reached the 3rd value. The logic seems sound and should work. I’ve labeled the element where the conditional is having issues as “icon WTF”. You can see how the other $, and $$ icons are working perfectly…Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’m inclined to think this is just a bug though unless I’m missing something.

Hi there, @david30… the behavior you are seeing is correct based on the setup of your conditions. Because conditions are evaluated from top to bottom, the second condition in your first screenshot is also true when the first condition is true. So, when the min value is 4, the max value is also greater than or equal to 3, and therefore, the second condition is applied.

The above being said, if you simply move the second condition up, you will get the desired behavior.


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Hey @david30 whenever apply your conditions wrongs. this is the condition Slider Input value is 4, Slider Input value > 4,
Screenshot 2022-09-24 154721

Developer at Trynocode

@Trynocode, David’s slider is a range slider, yours is not, so the example you are showing doesn’t apply. Don’t worry, though, the answer I gave is the fix for his issue. How do I know that? I tested it myself with his exact setup. :slight_smile:

Thank you Mike, perfect!

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