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Slideshow messing up sometimes

sometimes when a slideshow is loaded on my site it ends up changing the proportions of the slideshow, I don’t know if this is a common problem or if I might of done something wrong

the first picture is what its suppose to look like

the second picture is what it looks like when it messes up

Just figuring out it sometimes does this with other posts as well, not as often as slideshows though

Have you checked the ‘keep elements in proportion as page is resized’ box in the slideshow’s property editor? You can also adjust the run mode rendering from ‘Stretch’ to ‘Rescale’:

If other elements are wider than you’d like, you can set them to be fixed-width (the element will remain the same width no matter if the page size is increased or decreased).
Or you can set a max-width on the element – meaning the element will never exceed its width in the property editor (even if the page expands).

Yeah element proportions is checked and run mode rendering is at rescale it just sometimes loads really stretched for some posts its random

Like sometimes a post will look like this

when really its always suppose to look like this

Can you share a link to the editor?

Not yet still have to finish the whole thing