Slow loading progress bar when on a tablet

I have just launched my site and have tested it vigorously! I have watched many friends use it on different devices to make sure all is well.

However, when on a tablet, the progress bar on my site seems to take an age to load, even though the page itself has loaded, as i have elements that wont show until “page loaded entire” = yes, and i can see them and click them even if the progress bar is at half way.

So you can click elements and create new workflows whilst the progress bar is taking an age to load. Has anyone experienced this or know why this is happening?

I find it very puzzling as i can use my iphone on 3g and i dont even see the loading bar, and the site loads quickly, and that can be said for laptop, desktop, phones on wifi, but on an ipad on wifi it seems to cause issues for the progress bar, even though the page has fully loaded.

This isnt a browser issue either, as i have used safari on different devices, (phone, laptop) and you dont see this. Could it be the specific user’s tablet, or is this issue more widespread?

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