My page loads very slow

I’m not sure how to ask this but my first page is loading very slow (17-20 seconds)
The weird thing is there is a big gap between DOM Loaded and the rest of the page - somehow there’s a gap of delays of loading data.
Any thought? Thanks heaps

I only have a simple repeating group as first load

What is the URL of your page? It’s hard to diagnose what is going on without running some tests.

Thanks for helping!
Would this development version link be okay? I’ve got live system running so…

password: test

Please note that I use “throttling” to mid-tier mobile as that what’s my users are using, but full mode on Mac also takes 4.5s to load > ideally if this is <1s it would be acceptable for the slow devices of my users

I’m on Android mobile - loaded pretty fast for me.

Side note: make sure to right align your translation button.

Culprits of slow loading could be…

  1. Database and search structure (especially things like nested searches and advanced filters)
  2. Screwed up image uploading
  3. A buggy plugin
  4. Issues with workflows

If you provide some shots of how you’ve built things, someone may be able to identify the fix.

Your site is pretty average for Bubble as far as speed is concerned. The items that load the latest (10-20 seconds) are images that are not immediately visible to the user so they are loaded last (notice the big gap with no network activity). Your page is done loading as far as the user is concerned before 6 seconds, the rest of the data that is loaded is to improve user experience as they navigate your site. The time that matters is time till interactive which is not found on the Network diagnostics. If you go to the “>>” button on the developer tools menu and select lighthouse you can run a test (mobile or desktop) that will show you more information about user interaction with your site.

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Thanks team!
All are very useful!
Before I trigger the “Show” actions in a Page loaded event, but based on your suggestion I made it simply visible on page load, that increased speed significantly.
Plus clean up the DB query to avoid doing filtering at the page.


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