Slow Page Load and bug

I’ve noticed that my page load is very slow. But not just that. It also loads partially some elements that should be hidden before loading the main page. So, my user has an awful experience of seeng random element for 15 or 20 seconds
before seeing the real first page of the app.

I went on the step-by-step debug mode to understand and a very weird thing happened: All that element appearing randomness happens before the "When Page Load " workflow actually runs!

I’m lost! How can the page load and show several elements even BEFORE the “When Page Load” command runs? How can avoid this?

Additional information: my app is a native app. So I’m using that hide and show groups thing in order to organize my app, instead of changing pages.

There is a warning that my page has heavy pictures, thats why is slow. Maybe I can program some things to be loaded after the page load… I don’t know… I’m guessing here.

Any suggestions?

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Do you have any other front end Workflows on that page that use conditions other than “When the page is loaded?” For example “When condition is true” or “When user is logged in.”

It’s possible (I can’t find anything that says definitively the order in which workflow is evaluated in Bubble) that your other conditions/workflows are being evaluated first.

Overall, synchronizing workflows in Bubble is very hard if not impossible to predict IMO.

Hi Sarabeth. Thanks for the reply.

The thing is that when I run the step-by-step debug, it all happens BEFORE the first worflow runs. I’m cornered here, because if the problem is happening before the workflow runs, I can’t do much, can I?

And, by the way, I do have “when user is logged in” and “when condition is true”, but they do run after “When page loads”.

Not sure yet since I haven’t seen your build but I’m guessing you enabled the “This element is visible on page load” setting.

If that’s the case, you should disable that and only have a condition or workflow to show an element.

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Same solution for me

I’m having a similar problem for about 3 secs. I have one group with a condition to show if the user is logged out. The user logs in. The OAuth API call runs. When it returns, you still see the original group for about 2-3 secs, then the condition to show the other group if the user is logged in kicks in, switching what’s displayed.

In testing, the page is completely loaded but it still takes a second or two for the condition to take effect.

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