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Slow update of Repeating Group allows for non wanted user interaction

I have a page with four Repeating Groups with data from the same Data Type. They are populated through a Search and shows different records in the Data Type.

When the User clicks the CONNECT button a popup is shown where the users alters the data in Data Type of the Repeating Groups. The popup is then hidden.

The Repeating Groups are updated correctly without the need of a page reload. But, it’s so slow that the user has time to click the CONNECT button again on a row that should not be there. This leads to a “double update” of the Data Type, which of course is an error, leading to wrong things is showed in the Repeatings Groups when they eventually are updated.

Maybe the workflow from button click can disable the buttons, and have an event when the data is updated the buttons are re-enabled.

FYI the example in the link is messed up.

Thnx. I’m trying a Conditional setting on the buttons, so that they are not visible when the Repeating Group is loading.

Sorry about the messed up link. :blush: