Slow/ weird behaviour on a filtered repeating group

Hello - I’ve got a repeating group with a bunch of conditionals on it to filter a list of items, you can have a play around with it here:

When I use the age slider or any of the checkboxes the repeating group updates very quick - but when I type a search term into the input it is very slow, making it appear that there are no results.

If anyone can suggest why this is happening, or how I can fix/ improve it that would be amazing!

Thank you so much in advance.

I know that if you use the :filtered function the results will load slowly in a repeating group. Best practice is to add the constraints directly within the ‘Search for thing’ and eliminate any :filtered functions if you’re using them. And if all your filters are conditionals within the repeating group and you don’t use the :filtered anywhere in your searches, then I’d recommend rather using constraints within the ‘Search for thing’ in the data source of the repeating group, at least for the slow loading items.

I haven’t seen your editor so I am just speculating. Hope it helps.

Thank you, that does help!

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