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Repeating Group updates incorrectly

I have 4 Repeating Groups searching the same Data Type, showing different rows in the database. They update when the user interacts with buttons in them, no page reload needed. It all works splendid, but sometimes the Repeating Groups first are updated correctly, then after a brief moment they are again updated and then display rows they should not. On manually updating the page, the Repeating Groups again present only the correct rows, and stays that way. (opening the same page with the same data on another computer at the same time show only the right rows).

Could this be a Repeating Group bug? Device/browser related?

Hi @philledille What is the difference between the ways of opening the page? Do the problems only come when you’ve opened the page with the “Preview” button? Or do you see it from navigating from a different page?

They are both opened outside of Bubble the development environment, however it’s /version-test I’m using. The one working is in Googles Inbox on a Mac opened through a link in a mail. The incorrect one is in Chrome on a PC, the page is reached from another page in my app.

It looks like it’s a problem when Bubble reads the database. I fiddle around with the app in Google Inbox the Mac using the browser Back and Forward buttons and Refresh page. This to test changes I make to the app in another browser (Safari) on the same Mac. I get empty rows, to many rows and rows without data, and it even puts my button labels in the wrong buttons (these are loaded from the database as well to be language sensitive)!

I also see inconsistent behaviour between Microsoft Edge and Firefox (and Safari).

Say I exclude itemcode = 2 in the Repeating group filter but I do not refresh the page. All items with itemcode = 2 drop out of the repeating group for all 3 browsers. But for Microsoft Edge, after a few seconds the excluded items show up in the repeating group again.

Seems to be a bug with the “auto-update” feature of the repeating group.

Looked for a way to turn the Auto-Update off, but there don’t seem to be one (which possibly is based on the cool function of the Repeating Group in the first place).

I am experiencing similar issue with repeating groups. I have 5 of them displaying the same database but each filtering the search with different criteria. I have added buttons which change the data and so the item moves to another repeatable group which has search set for that criteria.

All works great but after a brief moment the same item is shown again in the group it was before though it searches for another criteria. I can only make it work if I add refresh page after the data change to the buttons.


We’re looking into this, it has been reported. Don’t add a refresh event, we’ll fix this.


We should be good now.


Thanks, its all good now.

the issue is still persisting. I have a very similar issue to that @kalev123 pointed out i.e. movement of data rows between RGs and while I can see the updates take place at the backend, the RG does not reflect the changes unless the page is refreshed