Slugs and Xano- how to recreate?

Hi all,

I’m trying to replicate my Bubble db in Xano, just going to use Bubble as a front-end. My user signup workflow creates a slug, which I update in my Xano User table. But how will Bubble know to display my user profile page using this slug which now resides in Xano? I also have slugs for the users’ Posts.

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I’d like to know this too. It would be great if bubble could add “Text” to the list of available “Current Page Types”

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There is one way that I found today funnily enough a post on the xano forum gave me the idea but you’ll need to use the navigate to external page action.

Basically what you can do is navigate to an external page and add a url segment to the end of the url


Then you can use the get url parameter action and set it to “path segment list” and get the last item in the list which will be the slug.

Use this in your api call

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Additionally I found another hack for SEO and meta tags, if you create the api call in a group you can copy it into the meta tag input at the page level and it will work.

For some reason you can’t create it directly in the meta tag area