Small business owners/bloggers, my Bubble app automates your social media marketing - care to try?

Hey guys,

We have now fully launched SendPilot, which helps bloggers and small business owners get more traffic to their sites with no effort from you. It uses machine learning to analyse your blog posts and write 12 month social media campaigns with hashtags, backlinks and content from your blog, then schedules it to the social media profiles you select using Buffer.

I thought it would be nice to offer a promo code to the Bubble community as the app is built on Bubble, so if you want 15% off for 3 months use the code below:


You can start a free trial at

Take care, and ask any questions,

Reece Lyons


Nice Reece, this looks cool!

What are you using to analyse the the text to create the posts?

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Social media marketing generally requires different “voices” for each one (e.g. Linkedin vs Facebook). Are the post styles different for each channel, taking this into account?


Thanks a lot!

We use a popular machine learning api as well as our own workflow setup to make use of the returned data. Its our secret sauce :wink:

So we allow for toggling on/off of social media accounts in SendPilot, so in theory you can write some templates for LinkedIn and toggle on LinkedIn then those templates will be used in combination with the dynamic data taken from the blog. Then you repeat the same removing the previous templates for Facebook for example.

Tone of voice is tricky to achieve in an automated environment, but something we are spending a lot of time on:)

Hey @help Jack Eversdijk asked me to reach to you about a Bubble App we need help on. Can you contact me at


Hi Chris,

Sure thing! I’ll reach out via