Small Idea: When a user logs out on one tab, re-run all conditions that rely on logged-in/logged-out for all other tabs

I just noticed that when I log out on Tab A that I continue to see Tab B as if I was logged in because we’ve only set that page to redirect to the homepage if you’re logged out on page load.

Would be easy enough to add extra logic elsewhere, but seems like more effort / maintenance / complexity than it’s worth.

I could be wrong though. This may not be the desired behavior. Does anyone know if there’s a standard practice for larger apps? …I suspect they’ve given this some real thought.

In other apps I use, it appears I stay logged in until I take the next action. In your example, I’d still see my content on tab B until I clicked on something

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Hi @andrewgassen and @sridharan.s !

What kind of solution you implemented on this?
I’ve tried several already. What do you mean by “next action” I click on groups to change some custom states, but nothing happens. It seems the user are still logged in a tab but not logged in another one.